Rita Richardson

Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Performing Artist

Rita Richardson is an independent artist from the rural mountains of central Idaho. She has been performing live shows regularly since 2017 playing an assortment of music including originals as well as a wide variety of covers spanning across genres including country, folk, pop, light rock and more. She most often performs shows as a solo act playing guitar or ukulele while singing, and adding in percussion elements with instruments at her feet.  

She enjoys composing music and records, produces, mixes, and masters her original music with her home studio setup. Some of the music she composes is quite different from what she performs live and due to this, in the Spring of 2022, she launched Croí Amhrán Music Productions. Through this avenue she began releasing some of her original music compositions geared more toward film, games and other projects. She has made some of these songs available to license for various uses. 

When she isn't traveling for shows she is likely working at home on her music and related projects, keeping up with normal day to day life, or just enjoying spending quality time with her husband and their family and friends. 

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